At Strauss Developments, we learned early that it’s ok to be a tad meticulous at times. We are a team of detail-oriented service providers and we see one of our most valuable roles as confidence builders, setting the stage from the beginning of the construction process.

Shared Vision

We do some of our best work before construction even begins. In fully internalizing your vision for the project, we’re able to develop a targeted solution that’s tailor-made to meet your objectives, along with the unique needs of the people who will live and work in the finished space.

Pinpoint Planning

Quite simply, we consider it our responsibility to accurately anticipate every potential variable in a project. Not only does our unrivaled commitment to preconstruction make everything we build better, it’s how we’re able to offer such exceptional predictability of outcome.

Seamless Execution

Partnering with the most qualified design partners and subcontractors in the Area, Strauss Developments take the concept of teamwork to a higher level. Combined with exclusive tools and the latest technology, our proactive approach frees you to focus on your responsibilities.


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